The Orphan Care Network exists to help the Church care for foster and adoptive families. Through practical means, such as community groups, parents night outs, trainings and more, we believe that the burden of caring for the orphan can be shouldered by the entire Church, not just those called to open their homes.

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Being a foster or adoptive parent is an incredible service and experience, but comes with its own challenges. We have found that deep community with other foster and adoptive parents has incredible results! We see experienced parents mentoring those just starting the process, people comforting and encouraging one another and children being served better through the process!


As hard as it is for any family to find a babysitter, the rules for foster families make it much more difficult. These events give these hard working parents a well deserved night off while kids eat pizza, play games and have fun! Check out our volunteer page for opportunities to serve!


Caring from children with varied pasts and potential traumas requires compassion and patience. It also requires specific skills and knowledge. Training Events are rich times to learn new techniques and get required training hours.

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