At The Orphan Care Network, we believe in the local church, individual bodies part of the larger, global Church. We love the local church and know that it is the context for believers to commune together and is the vehicle for the Gospel to be spread.

Caring for the orphan is an invitation given to us over and over again in scripture and at The Orphan Care Network, we have a core belief that if the church cares well for families that are called, at risk children will be cared for well.

The Orphan Care Network works with churches to develop local, high impact, low cost orphan care ministries. We believe that three primary categories cover most of the needs.

Community Groups

Gathering people together to share each others burden, provide perspective and encouragement is incredibly helpful in the lonely journey of foster care and adoption. We provide support and curriculum for local leaders to lead easily.

Parents’ Night Out

Every parent needs time alone with their spouse and away from their kids, but this is even more important for foster and adoptive families. Due to regulations with the foster care system, it is incredibly difficult to arrange “date nights”, so we help!


Parenting any kid is tough, but caring for kids with backgrounds of trauma, abuse or neglect requires special strategies. We provide training opportunities for the parents to come and equip themselves for the work they are called to do.

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